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again, thank you for watching. i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight on the eve of the nine year mark of the 9/11 attacks two stories are fueling worldwide first proposed qur'an burning more on that in a minute. and second the growing anger over the proposed location of the ground zero mosque. new figure has inserted himself into the bait in the hopes of vole this issue, -- into the debate in the hopes of resolving this issue. donald trump. he joins us. first, i admire what are doing. why did you think you might have impact and tell us how you got involved? >> first i thought this was about a mosque and religion and i can understand that. like you i believe of freedom
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-- in freedom of religion. then i read they were bragging about what a great deal they made. which i disagree they bought it for 4.8 million. turning down 18 and 20 million dollars, i don't believe that because i know the people who sold it and they are smart real estate people they don't sell something and less than a year later have somebody kwraud drew pull their money. so they were bragging. i said maybe this isn't about a mosque, maybe it is about real estate and making money. the guy low level real estate guy, supposedly doesn't have money if any, i read they are bragging about the fact they made this great deal and they would sell it for 18 or 20 million dollars. now, i called, i didn't believe the 18 or 20 i sent a letter and i said i'll give you the 4.8 million dollars back, 25% return on your money, pay expenses and lots of other
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things. guess what, you will make a great real estate deal in a flat market. it was interesting. he was telling me what a great deal he made. this wasn't a great religious man talking about i have no interest in money. i have no interest in anything i want to build a moose being -- build a mosque which i could understand and respect this was a man bragging about a great real estate deal. i they they are using religion, the mosque using to this blugeon a lot of money out of people. because some idiot would pay a lot. whether it is our state government and you know is running our state government, not greatest governor in the united states. whether it is him or somebody else, it will be amazing. but i believe they are using the mosque and religion in order to get a lot of money. i believe that somebody is going to give them something, nothing like that, because it is north worth anywhere near that but i think it is unfortunate they can do this. >> sean: look, mr. trump, i'm
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glad you called them out. you might be exposing something that is interesting. an angle i had not thought of. i've been focusing in on the imam i'm heff, feisal abdul-rauf. he said 19 days after 9/11, you are as identified with new york as anybody in the city. 19 days after 9/11 he said america is an access troy what happened. osama bin laden is made in the u.s.. he refuses to condemn the terror group hamas as a terrorist group and many other controversial things. i have a problem with him and what i beef are radical views. >> i never even got to him i'm looking at the developers, they call themselves the developers. bragging about what a wonderful real estate deal they made. so i never got to him. i'm going to leave that to you. because frankly maybe that's better in your purview. >> sean: i agree. you lost friends on 9/11.
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i lost -- friends, the people that i knew that i graduated high school with and i went to school with. for him to say america was an access troy that crime, i -- accessory to that crime, i find beyond offense seufr. >> i haven't heard that but tough statement to put it mildly. dawn dawn donald, -- >> sean: donald trump, thank you. >> a pastor's plan to host a qur'an burning event in florida has created a firestorm and believed to be behind the death of a protester in afghanistan. pastor terry jones who leads a tiny church in gainesville, florida says he's cancelling the event. despite the fact that a deadline he issued to developers of the mosque has passed. the burning was slated for tomorrow. there are concerns it could be reinstated. the pastor call often vent yesterday because he said he reached a deal with the backers of the ground zero mosque to relocate this
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project. associates of imam feisal abdul-rauf are denying an agreement has been struck saying they have no intention -- intention of meeting with jones. this has led the pastor to say he was clearly lied to. at a news conference earlier today at the white house president obama addressed the qur'an burning idea. president the idea that we would burn the sacred texts of someone else's religion is contrary to what this country stands for. it is contrary to what this nation was founded on. and my hope is that this individual prays on it and retrains from doing it. >> sean: with reaction to the qur'an burning and the mosque controversy are president and founder of the american islamic forum for democracy. and director of the civil and human rights division of the muslim american society.
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you say that i'm an american first, muslim second. you said you want to ask a question of imam rauf. you said for what do you stand? for what is best for americans over all or what you think is best for islam? explain. >> well, i think especially somebody that served in the armed forces we are coming on the 9th year anniversary of a devastation that americans look at the way we look at pearl harbor, normandy beach, gettysburg. what this imam does not understand it is clear now that he's been interviewed nationally for an hour he never explains and expresses an understanding the lengths to which americans see 9/11. we see it as americans not as muslims. he's seeing it as a way to project islam, teach americans lessons. it is inappropriate. i think it shows he uses the platform of political islam, no different than many of
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these groups that claim to speak on our behalf. they are about advancing political islam, advancing the concept of sharia law. advancing theocratic ideas, not looking at reform. the word reform has never come out of his mouth. look at what mr. trump has talked about as a patriot. he said i want to solve this. they said that doesn't fit our agenda. they have financial issues issues. it is not about american. which is what tomorrow is about. >> sean: they wouldn't meet with the governor of new york talking about an alternative site. the imam has said if we don't get the mosque america will be attacked and soldiers will be in jeopardy. what -- is that a threat? >> i don't think it is a threat from him. i certainly don't want to see the united states attacked, troops or any other -- >> sean: hang on, what he is saying and implying is either
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you capitulate, acquiesce, be prepared or there will be more tax. you can't interpret it any other way. >> let's be fair about this. imam rauf is not a military commander in al-qaeda. he's not directing violence against the united states. if anything i think his record in the interfaith world is quite contrary to that. he's not an islamist. he's not a jihadist. he's not advocating violence. >> sean: he said america was an access to 9/11. america to be sharia compliant. those are radical views. >> it is not radical to say the united states trained operatives that turn on the united states that's history. >> sean: you agree with the idea of blaming america? america is an accessory -- >> i would appreciate it if you don't put words in my mouth. i never said that america was somehow behind attack.
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i simply said that the united states during the period of the soviet invasion of afghanistan trained people that eventually attacked the united states. >> sean: let me go back. you said in talking to imam in a letter in questions you want him to answer he's ignoring the wide global prevalence of this dangerous theo political groups like muslim brotherhood and its violent offshoots that dominate the growing translation of the movement in political islam. >> absolutely. i can't underscore that enough. in is where abraham's organization ends up facilitating political islam. they deflect it. they talk about islamphobia all these other use as they don't take on reform, our responsibility as muslims to reform the i'd -- ideology that feed terror and finding excuses like he said. they paint this excuse and that excuse.
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don't look inside ourselves for spiritual renewal. they are about spiritual narcissism of pushing our own agenda into areas as sensitive as ground zero. >> sean: plenty more hannity still to come. >> i think building the mosque so close to this hallowed ground is the wrong thing to do. >> sean: former new york governor pataki reacts to the ground zero mosque. >> more tax problems for the obama white house. they can't blame it on the software this time. >> standing here looking at it right now, if you step away, was the stimulus big enough? >> sean: networks don't disappoint in the mainstream media bias. plus our great, great nell. much more hannity, straight ahead.
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sean move over tim geithner when it comes to tax cheats you are not alone. 41 white house employees owed back taxes in 2009, totalling over $800,000. >> the president: all of you are committed to building a more responsible, more accountable government. part of what that means is making sure we are spending precious tax dollars wisely. >> sean: easy to say when you don't pay your taxes. y car insu. you know, with progressive, you get the option
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sean as the controversy surrounding the ground zero mosque continues to escalate tomorrow people will gather at the site where the twin towers once stood to remember those lost nine years ago. here former governor of new york george pataki. thank you for being here. >> good being with you. >> sean: you say it is the wrong idea to build this mosque? >> totally the wrong idea. i heard where you were saying that it is almost a threat that either you have to let us
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do this or there may be consequences globally. were attacked not because of what we do wrong, but because of what we do right like our belief in freedom. i don't think we should give into those who are threatening that freedom and say you do things my way or your freedom is at risk. >> sean: imam said headlines in the muslim world will be islam is under attack radicals will respond and troops will be in further jeopardy. sounds to me like either we get what we want or you better expect those radicals. somehow if we capitulate, acquiesce are the radicals going to like us? >> it is not going to change their attitude. earlier on they were saying those who are opposing by exercising our freedom of speech somehow xeá$ájzt islam around the world this is america we are entitled to express our opinions particularly freedom of speech. it is wrong site, the wrong act.
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it is not about islam or religious freedom. there are over 100 mosques in new york city. >> sean: over 2,000 in the united states. the wife of this imam rauf, said this is beyond islamphobia in is the hatred of muslims. >> they are talking about building bridges and tolerance and understanding. when we express a legitimate held different opinion it becomes hatred that is nonsense. >> sean: what do you make of the administration first saying it was a local issue. the president was asked about it again today. as we just played. the defending the right of the imam and the developers to build in mosque, i think this pastor is unsays nearly provocative in florida. i hopexw with the qur'an burning. i like what brigitte gabriel said we ought to have open up the qur'an day what does it say about jihad, holy war, in fells, sharia, et cetera, it would be an eye-opening
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experience for people. you defend the first amendment right of developers but you don't defend the first amendment right of pastor. >> it is not about the legal right. people have a legal right to rep their property. the pastor has a legal right burn the qur'an if he chooses. it is about right and wrong. in both cases they are the wrong thing. the pastor is wrong and we have to condemn it. so is building the mosque one block from ground zero. where people have said the it was a result of our policy. >> sean: 53 days out of an election you are traveling around the country campaigning for different candidates. where do you think the republicans are at this point? >> right now we are in very good shape. sadly, it is because the pelosi, reid and obama team are so bungled leading this country. today obamacare which was supposed to be reducing health care costs it is going to drive up health care costs. they were touting it as a major accomplishment now they
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are being told to runaway from that issue. obama care is a bad law one of the reasons we are not creating the jobs we need. i hope we continue to build that in november. >> sean: you look at the economy not only in new york where you were governor for 12 years. congressman of virginia said if you don't tie our hands we are going to keep stealing, i democrat, admitting with balanced budget amendments et cetera. pretty revealing, when you consider, this president has accumulated more debt, larger deficits than any president combined from washington through reagan. >> they are stealing. they are stealing from our future. they are stealing from our children and grandchildren. trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. that's not what america is about. my family sacrificed so my brother and i could have opportunity. this country has always been about people sacrificing for the next generation. now we see the democrats in washington stealing from the next generation to buy voights
9:19 pm
-- to buy votes and interest groups today. we have to stop it. >> sean: a lot of people are talking about the possibility you may run for president. are you thinking about it? >> i love the private sector. i had 12 years as governor. >> sean: you are not going to give me a straight answer. >> i'm going to do everything i can to help republicans win this november. >> sean: were you asked to get in the senate race. did you seriously consider it? >> i thought about it. as i said, seriously, i love what i'm doing in the private sector. i had a tremendous privilege to lead my state for overa decade. now things are so bad, like all americans i think we have an obligation to get involved in one way or another. >> sean: governor, thank you. don't forget, head over to for more details on this developing story and all the others we are covering here. >> i think it would take a real stretch to think that i
9:20 pm
caused the problems with the economy. >> sean: harry reid's opponent sharron angles fires back with a different take. >> if you win you will have the deepest happened of any speaker in american history. >> sean: brent bozell breaks down liberal bias by the mainstream media. >> if you want to put on a show and giggle every time i talk i have no interest in answering your questions. >> sean: another christie confrontation caught on tape. hannity continues straight ahead. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office and word is people really love our claims service. gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car. boss: hey, that's great! is this your phone? gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: but...where do you put...i mean how do you...carry... waitress: here you go. boss: thanks!
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>> sean: with only 53 days left until the mid terrible elections the race in nevada between angle and reid is shaping to be a must-see political slugfest. can she dethrone prince harry?
9:25 pm
the latest rasmussen poll shows the two are deadlocked at 45%. reid has become a very unpopular figure in nevada in large part due to his support of the health care bill and the struggling economy. don't worry he has an answer for all of that. >> i think it would take a real stretch to think that i caused the problems with the economy. >> sean: not his fault. where have i heard that before? joining me sharron angle is back with us. thanks for being with us. >> thank you sean, great to be with you since the freedomfest there in las vegas, when you when you brought the concert us to, you are a great american you are still honoring our military even with 9/11 coming up, thanks. >> sean: it was successful and i to tell you very interesting crowd. i don't think there were three people there, 11,000 people or
9:26 pm
whatever the number in the crowd that supported harry reid. what do you make of the comment? he's senate majority leader, supported the budgets of barack obama, stimulus package, tarp, he supported the health care bill. of course 14% unemployment in nevada, that's not his fault. what is your reaction? >> certainly, he doesn't want to take responsibility. but he was the senate majority leader when he took over our unemployment was 4.4% now it is 14.3%. he says it is his job to create jobs. if that's truth why are we at 14.3%? on the other hand he address with the president and i it is our job to create a climate for business to create jobs. he hasn't done that well ear. because those policies of obamacare, stimulus and bailouts have increased our unemployment. >> sean: seems to have unlimited resources. there's been an lot of attack
9:27 pm
ads you. he seems to have a big war chest and ability to accumulate a lot of money. it has had some impact. because you came out of the primary with a significant lead and he's been able to catch up a little now it is a dead heat. what are your plans to respond to these negative ads you on issued of medicare, medicaid, social security, it et cetera? >> when we came out of primary we had a void there was almost a month before i could get my message out enough to go up on the air myself. of course the message was harry reid has 25 million and i need a million people with $25 to go to and they have been donating those $25 increments. when that has happened it has given us an opportunity to get up on the air ourselves. we have good ads out. people are responding to those advertisements.
9:28 pm
now that it is after labor day we expect them to become more engaged in the issues. the issue is the economy. our jobs and our homes. >> sean: what is the real unemployment rate in nevada when we consider the underemployed those that have given up looking for work? what impact do you think the president's comments, you can't be going to vegas, what impact do you think that had on your state? >> real unemployment rate we are hearing is about 21%, unemployment. and of course the impact was on las vegas almost immediately. the minute he said that, many of those conventions, we are the hospitality capital of the united states, and possibly the world. and yet, when he made that comment it was such a chilling effect that many of those convictions pulled out right away. of course we saw the -- conventions pulled out right way. and of course we saw the drop in the economy. harry reid agreed with the president that was the final
9:29 pm
slap. >> sean: what was the reaction when the president recently came to town? it is interesting. harry reid's son is running for governor, didn't want to use his last name on his website or campaign ads. is harry reid still one of the few democrats that's willing to associate with barack obama now? >> well, certainly it doesn't hurt my cause when the president comes, because after saying that once he said it again. he said it twice that coming to las vegas was coming on a junket. harry reid of course agrees with him. as far as his son, his son agrees with me two reids don't make a right that's why he's trying to get as far away from that last name as he can. >> sean: what happened to harry reid? harry reid was not this liberal when he first went to washington. what do you think happened? >> we who have been in the state quite a while really do understand that harry reid has always been about harry reid.
9:30 pm
he's a consummate politician. he tests which way the wind is blowing and that's the way he votes. because of that, if you have no principles, as you know if there are no principles then you sacrifice them for making deals you will get good ole boy politics as usual. that's what happened to harry reid. >> sean: exciting race, we'll be watching closely. thank you for being with us. >> thank you sean. >> sean: coming up, time for media mash what the liberal media tried to sell as objective news. quick programming note for this weekend. a new fox news reporting called winning the war on cancer who haved by dr. alverez and coomer airing this unday at 3:00 and 9:00 p.m. eastern you don't want to miss it. ♪
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>> i'm taking all party nominations for the position. i will not apologize. i have been a republican [ unintelligible ] >> sean: he could have a future in pro wrestling. >> media mash with brent bozell, straight ahead. that grew stronger through the crisis. when me lost their way, this company led the way. by protecting clies and turning uncertainty into confidence. what if that story were true? it is. ♪
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>> sean: welcome to media mash
9:35 pm
our weekly opportunity to expose the most outrageous examples of the mainstream media's liberal bias. to go through this week's material let me bring in the president of the media research center. brent bozell back. welcome back. george stephanopoulos, abc has an opportunity to interview the president. really tough questions. here they are. >> i wonder what this must feel like. you are president, you have to deal with the fall out a pastor has 30 followers in his church. does it make you feel helpless or angry? you have had a chance to have dinner home a lot. when you are going through these hard times how much bleeds through to them and how do you protect them from it? >> sean: how about asking about imam raufr saying we are an access troy -- imam rauf saying we are an accessory to 9/11? >> in his first post summer interview president obama
9:36 pm
takes on george stephanopoulos and the tough questions that was their own pro movement it has gone out, obama needs the media to pull his chestnuts out of the fire in this campaign the way they did in 2008. the word has gone out, nothing but softball interviews from here on out. >> sean: that's all he's had for most of his campaigning. unemployment goes up to 9.6% it wasn't supposed to go above% if we passed the stimulus. they see a good side. >> the unemployment rate picked up -- ticked up a notch, 9.6%. a mixed picture but giving some encouragement to those out there looking. >> overall, a mixed bag. >> yeah, weak as the job numbers were they were better than wall street expected. >> some economists say there's still a silver lining if you take away the 115,000 temporary census jobs we knew were going away, i different
9:37 pm
picture emerges. crucial private sector adding 67,000 workers in august. >> sean: mixed picture, mixed bag, silver lining, encourage numbers. the unemployment rate went up again. >> this is the worst damage control i have ever seen on television. it is like saying that there's a silver lining to katrina. it wiped out new orleans, but it spared milwaukee. the reality is, they said the obama administration said that unemployment would never go over 8% with this stimulus plan. we are now in consecutive month 16 with it over 9%. at some points over 10%. it ain't working. now they are doing damage control. >> sean: obviously the media has got onboard the idea that we need the great, great, great grand son of stimulus 50 billion dollars in infrastructure spending. here's harry smith of cbs he's
9:38 pm
interviewing economists. >> i want to go back to the stimulus. so many of these congress folks are going back out in their districts and people complain about the size of government, the deficit, tarp and who knows what all else. we are standing here looking at it right now, if you step away, was the stimulus big enough? there are plenty of economists say we need a second stimulus. what about a more significant stimulus beyond the things these a block here, block here, another couple hundred billion dollars? >> >> sean: the stimulus wasn't big enough. the debt we put on our kids and grand kids wasn't big enough, we need more. >> just a couple hundred billion dollars more. only a liberal democrat like harry smith believes that a spending bill of 862 billion dollars isn't big enough.
9:39 pm
my colleague and your friend and our friend terry jeffrey came up with an awesome statistic this week. do you know that between george washington and ronald reagan and every other president in between, combine them all, their deficit spending does not equal the deficit spending of barack obama in 19 months? >> yeah. >> harry smith said we need more. >> sean: we need to bankrupt our great, great, great grandchildren before it is said and done. the president wants to attack and demonize john boehner who would become speaker of the house if republicans take back the house. we expect it from the mainstream media. in this case george . >> i have to note if you win and become speaker you will have the deepest tan of any speaker in american history and there's been a poll out in your state of ohio saying 30% of the voters think you spend too much time on your tan and
9:40 pm
27% don't like it. >> sean: they don't like his tan brent. i guess if the president says attack boehner, he's spending too much time on his tan. >> it is tacky. why not ask nancy pelosi on the eve of the 2006 elections where she got her botox? why not ask president obama on the eve of the 2008 elections where he was gonna sneak his chain-smoking cigarette smoking? these are tacky questions. tacky questions seem to be reserved only for republicans. >> sean: today show took it to a new level that saddam hussein if we didn't have the war in iraq saddam hussein would be a moderate and we would be in a better position with iran if only george bush didn't start that war. >> had u.s. not invaded iraq where would iraq be today? >> if there had been no invasion saddam would still be
9:41 pm
in power. he was getting more moderate. heading in a direction of accommodation the sanction regime holding him place was starting to fail. iran would be more contained. a dictatorship trying to break out of its box iran would not be as dangerous as today. >> had the united states not invaded iraq, would we be done in afghanistan? >> probably. >> sean: saddam would be more moderate, more accommodating, iran would be more contained. and he would be moving away from his dictatorship. that's their analysis. >> this man doesn't know what he's talking about. he forgets the fact that saddam hussein was once again saber rattleling about innovating the -- invading the 910th province. he told the "washington post" he believes war should be made illegal. enough said. >> sean: brent bozell, appreciate you being here. our great, great, great american panel, straight ahead.
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel former pollster for president carter and adviser to george mcgovern's failed presidential campaign pat caddell is here. board member of resurge jen republican, republican strategist, leslie sanchez is back. he's a republican candidate for new york's 5th congressional district challenging congressman ackerman james milano. good to see you. polls show it is going to be a political tsunami. look at chris christie taking on an angry upset teacher. >> first of all, i have not lambasted the public school system in jersey. let's start with this. i sat here, stood here and respectfully listened to you. if what youa5-v want to do is pt on a show and giggle every
9:47 pm
time i talk. then i have no interest in answering your question. so if you would like to -- [ applause ] >> -- so if you would like to conduct a respectful conversation i'm happy to do it. if you don't, please go and sit down and i'll answer the next question. what's your choice? >> sean: perfect. awesome. people are saying go christie. >> i watched the entire nine minutes. i tell people go to youtube, see this. this guy is going to get himself carried to the white house in about eight years if he keeps it up. the most honest thing you have seen. he was polite to her then he tears everything apart. he's in the worst state possible for someone with his message. and new jersey is -- >> sean: he's up against liberal unions, democratic trenton, liberal media and he goes above their head. reminds me of regular began in that way and successfully
9:48 pm
communicates. >> he knows where he stands. but he has an authentic voice that's what people are looking to -- for. turn it turned to political theater and democrats were running and hiding people trying to take on an issue. >> sean: you are a doctor running for congress, are you out of your mind? >> got to make a house call to washington. >> sean: good answer. it seems to me -- >> not only authentic, this is somebody telling the truth. and he doesn't care where the chips fall. people are so desperate to see that. there's no talking points. >> sean: do you sense the mood is so dramatically different? >> i do sense a change in the mood. what i would like to see is the people that have lost their jobs and i'd like to have some blame thrown at the union leaders that are running away with rock star paychecks while not paying heed to the words or wants are of the people paying the dues.
9:49 pm
that's a disconnect. >> he put a salary freeze on increases on teachers for one year it was difficult. you looked at voting and polls and 65% of the people supported him. he got 65% of independents. he's making reasonable choices and they appreciate that. and states in trouble now. >> sean: the president holds a a press conference today with contempt he talks about millionaires, billionaires, people successful in this country. he has contempt. it goes back to what michelle obama said don't go into corporate america, become teachers, be a nurse, move out of the money-making industry into the helping industry what is wrong with entrepreneurs that built this country and created twhaelt is second to none? >> i keep saying we have the most insular, --s a democrat we have something who doesn't care about economics. you have a group of people who
9:50 pm
are ideologues. >> sean: from your party. >> i'm talking about my party. deserted being the voice of common people to dictate to the american people. >> sean: so they deserve to lose? >> they are going to lose. >> sean: do they deserve to lose? >> if life you get what you deserve. watch november 2nd. >> sean: how big do you think it is going to be? >> we don't know yet. >> you and dick morris -- you keep -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: my admonition is don't count your chickens before they hatch. >> this is in motion. >> sean: on the expectations game i am telling everybody do not -- the liberals want to raise expectations if the republicans got 90 seats and took over the senate they would view it as a loss. >> they are trying to play that game. reality and intensity high
9:51 pm
among republicans they want to get out. don't forget the october surprise and all the dirty tactics we are about to see. >> i think democrats will not be voting for the democrat candidate. >> sean: more with our great, great -- wait until you see this ad, straight ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] at ge capital,
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we're out there every day with clients like jetblue -- financing their fleet, sharing our expertise, and working with people who are changing the face of business in america. after 25 years in the aviation business, i kind of feel like if you're not having fun at what you do, then you've got the wrong job. my landingas better than yours. no, it wasn't. yes, it was. was not. yes, it was. what do you think? take one of the big ones out? nah.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. the big story has opinion the last number of days not only the ground zero mosque but this pastor with a parishioner base of five that i was planning to burn the qur'an. big issue in new york. what is the reaction in your district? >> i don't believe you should burn the qur'an. i think the president instead of apologize together rest of the world tell the rest of the world stop burning the american flag. we shouldn't burn the qur'an
9:56 pm
and no one should burn the flag. it is a big issue in my disi can as well as the -- in my district, as well as the mosque not going open. >> sean: imam rauf suggesting that we get the mosque or america is -- >> we get killed. >> let me say what i think the reaction is going to be. the president made a very passionate thing on his position which seems to be in favor of the mosque. there's a problem here. we have a nut in florida, right. we have the president, the secretary of defense, everyone else calling him and saying please don't do this. by the way, if you or i got up tomorrow and said we are going to burn the bible, nobody would care. >> sean: people would care -- >> they wouldn't say people are going to die. the president's comment, when you treat people differently, we want to treat muslims
9:57 pm
differently they, they are treating them differently. when you say we have to be afraid because of what will happen around the world. making them different. >> i'm with that side. 50 people get together in a garage and say radical things and everybody is running the ap, "new york times", we have a responsibility to ratchet it down. anybody can say anything. >> backfire in this country over this is people are tired of being pushed like this >> sean: meg whitman running for governor in california she is leading jerry brown, the former governor. she came out with what i think is one of the best ads this season. >> announcer: jerry brown's good old days. what really happened. >> cnn, not me, says his tax record was just plain wrong. brown took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13 which lowered taxes which he opposed. now he's taking credit. he raised taxes in california
9:58 pm
surplus when he took office and a deficit when left. he doesn't tell people the truth. [ laughing ] >> devastating. >> sean: isn't that great? >> i loves it comes out on the same day they announce -- there's a lot of conservative democrats frustrated with the economic turn in the country and she is going to need that support to win in california. >> sean: what is interesting, all these department s voted for stimulus and health care -- all these democrats voted for stimulus and health care none of them are running on their record. >> i said from the beginning, this is a disaster. the party will be killed for this. and they are gonna be. >> you can't get away from the facts numbers don't add up and you can't spin it any more. >> sean: the white house announced today, president obama is going to
9:59 pm
campaign the question is who wants him? he shows up in texas, wisconsin, georgia, wherever he shop he shows up, whoops sorry wish we could be there. >> that's why they send out clinton. new survey talks about obama is seen to the left of congressional democrats. >> sean: hillary clinton took on national security issue. we played the cut last night. >> that was the set-up of hello, don't you wish you had me and by the way you may still get me. >> sean: you think she resigns after this election? you think she still challenges him? >> i think there will be a movement -- i loved through this. if the party is blown apart on november 2nd, you watch what happens the next day. >> >> sean: you think obama would be challenged? i think the argument will be if he doesn't get his act together somebody better challenge him or there won't be a party.

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